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Club Popozuda Mixtape #40 – Bumps

May 2, 2015 by Bumps



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Oi Globalistas!


And so we reach number 40 in our mixtape collection! So I thought I’d leap on the decks and smash out a mixtape myself, while we wait for delivery of our next tape from the mighty Milangeles! If you know my tapes, you’ll know you’re gonna get the full range of Global Bass choiceness, with a wee Baile Funk medley at the end coz’ you gotta drop the Funk! So download it, rave to it and share it. Tracklist below. Beleza…






1.     Rangutan – Poté
2.     Back It Up – Krueger
3.     Bloko Bloko (Gucci Boo Mix) – Aquqdrop feat. Rayna
4.     My Head – Hostage
5.     Senta na Vara – DJ R7
6.     Baiana (Clerk and Milangeles Mix) – Barbatuques
7.     Cock And Bull – Jet Airess
8.     BuddyBye (Symbiz Remix) – Johnny Osbourne
9.     Badman Dream – Yung Felix feat. Tellem
10.    ChaCha – Soniye
11.    God On The Dancefloor – Yheti And Spankalicious
12.    Vem Mulher (MC Gato) – Alex DJ MPC
13.    Mosquito Tic – MC Créu vs DJ Sandrinho
14.    Bang! – Hat+Hoodie
15.    Tamara (Ghetto Vanessa Mix) – S. Oberschmidt
16.    Gimme Di Weed – Rawtek feat. Jigsy King
17.    Revobeat – DJ Kappa Jota
18.    Are You That Somebody – Brasstracks
19.    Midnight Zenith – Khamsin
20.    Back a’ Yard Riddim – Carib
21.    K Beleza (Pizza Pizza Mix) – Loki Da Trixta and Bumps
22.    Gonna Do (Fuzzy Fotch Mix) – I Octane
23.    Vem no Balancinho – MC Juninho da VD
24.    Grave Bate – MC 2K
25.    Bang Bang (MC Gato) – Alex DJ MPC
26.    Hit Diferente – DJ R7





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