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Battle of the beats from Brazil!


Ok, if you follow us and Baile Funk, you probably would have downloaded a few tunes from these guys. On one side we have Deejay R7, who I can’t tell you too much about, except he’s Brazilian and mega-prolific. The guy’s got 8 soundcloud accounts full of tunes! The output seems to be non-stop. Then on the other side we have DJ RD Da Nova (DJ RD DA NH), a really hard string of letters to remember. We know a little more about him, he’s lives in Rio, but originally was from Bahia and he claims to be the inventor of Rasterinha! I can neither confirm or deny this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he did because like R7, he has a crazy high output and most of it is quality. So, here are two tunes from each of them that they’ve posted in the past 24 hours. Like most of their stuff, you can download it free. Who wins? You decide…


First up Deejay R7…





And now Deejay RD Da Nova…





Posted on: June 20th, 2014 by Bumps

Loki Da Trixta- Brazil on Smash





There is a brand new EP from the world trotter Loki da Trixta, this time heating things up for the Football world cup!!


The opening track, is Hino do Neymar.. TROPICAL GOLAZO!!!!!



On Marie e Dope. We find a perfect balance between trap and Brazilian soul!



The whole EP is set for FREE DOWNLOAD, and there are 5 bangers!!

Grab it below!


Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by Alberto Caballero

A little more from Bahia Bass



(Yes Globalistas! A new voice. Say hello to Renato M2 of Funk Na Caixa in Sao Paulo. Bumps out)…



I love electronic music and I love Brazilian culture. When I started DJing there were a few styles with Brazilian culture on eletronic beats, Neo Funk (Neo Baile) was my favorite, so I went that way and I’m still loving it. But, for the past couple of years, more Brazilian ghetto music has started to grow and show it’s face. Bahia Bass is one of those, and it’s getting to be my other love (like a second son). So, here are few tracks that I’m enjoying right now:











Posted on: June 11th, 2014 by Renato Martins