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Baile Funk MEGALOAD!!!


Oye Globalistas!


And it’s back, the Baile Funk Megaload. Way back when, when I started blogging as Global Ghetto, the BFM was always one of the favorite posts. I think one time there where 120 tunes in one post! That then carried on when we brought the blog into the Club Popozuda website. But like all posts on here, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve had one of these. So fret no more, ‘coz here one be. Not quite 120 tunes, but a fair old chunk. And if you’ve been cluckin’ for a Baile Funk fix, then cluck no more irmáo (ou irmá). Beleza…






















































You Made it!!! Well done, enjoy…

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r7 nh ban


Battle of the beats from Brazil!


Ok, if you follow us and Baile Funk, you probably would have downloaded a few tunes from these guys. On one side we have Deejay R7, who I can’t tell you too much about, except he’s Brazilian and mega-prolific. The guy’s got 8 soundcloud accounts full of tunes! The output seems to be non-stop. Then on the other side we have DJ RD Da Nova (DJ RD DA NH), a really hard string of letters to remember. We know a little more about him, he’s lives in Rio, but originally was from Bahia and he claims to be the inventor of Rasterinha! I can neither confirm or deny this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he did because like R7, he has a crazy high output and most of it is quality. So, here are two tunes from each of them that they’ve posted in the past 24 hours. Like most of their stuff, you can download it free. Who wins? You decide…


First up Deejay R7…





And now Deejay RD Da Nova…





Posted on: June 20th, 2014 by Bumps

It’s All About Brazil: Baile Funk Megaload

bum bum


Yes Popozudites, our stock and trade!


You know what’s coming on Thursday! If you don’t, then you must be a member of that tribe that Beckham visited in the Amazon. Which would be surprising, as I’d wonder how you got on the internet, or even why you had a computer! Brazil and Rio will be center stage for the next month and we love it. Back in the good ol’ days of Global Ghetto, one of my most popular posts were the Baile Funk Megaload posts. Those pages still get lots of views to this day and that’s going back four years or so! So here is the Club Popozuda inaugural BFM.  Beleza…

































Posted on: June 10th, 2014 by Bumps

Club Popozuda Mixtape #33! Dorly Neto

cp 33 Dorly Neto banner


More mixtape goodness!


Yes peepo’s, time for another exclusive, super-dope, hot as feck, Club Popozuda mixtape. You may not know the name of Dorly Neto, but along with the Asshake boys, Pesadâo Tropical, and a few others, we see the seeds of the next wave of Brazilian producers, who have really embraced the idea of Global Bass and are influenced by the wealth of beats they hear from around the globe. Dorly is also under the tutelage of Baile Funk O.G’s, Sany Pitbull and Grandmaster Raphael as part of the Red Bull Favela Beats project. Dorly DJ’s at parties around Rio with his own brand of Favela Bass. Beleza…








1. Gaitero (Corrupted Bass Remix) – Leo Justi
2. Instrumental Black house – Kojack
3. Damaia – Mala Noche
4. Trap Shit v6 – ƱZ
5. Molhadinha (feat. MC Ialy) – DJ Comrade
6. Drop That B – Salva
7. Caraka Beat – Kojack
8. Pumba La Pumba x King Of Africa (Johnny Ice Heavy Baile mix) – MC Magrinho
9. Wizard – Flex
10. RATATATA (BIG MAKK REMIX) – Comrade feat. MC Doriva
11. Mou$e Tr4p – Carlos Nunez
12. Mosh Pit (Feat. Casino) – Flosstradamus
13. Step One – LAXX
14. Machine Gun (Feat Pusha T) (Delta-A Extended Edit) – Chase & Status
15. Demons (Diplo Remix) – Sleigh Bells
16. Dressed to Impress (feat. Chae Hawk) – Grabbitz
17. Calça da Gang (LOCOS Trap Remix) – Dj Saddam
18. Trap Shit v18 (Original mix) – ƱZ
19. Trap Shit v8 – ƱZ
20. Novinha (Youngin) – Tropkillaz Vs. Brazillionare
22. Shake That Crack – Marginal Men & C.A.B.L.E.
23. Boa Noite – Karol Conka
24. Art Money – RL Grime
25. Cyclone Montagem – DJ Comrade
26. Pay (For What) – mr. carmack
27. POW! – Ookay
28. Dum Dee Dum – Keys N Krates
29. Dracula – Stooki Sound
30. Fistaile – Pesadão Tropical
31. Wine Yuh Back (feat. Suku) [Dorly Rasteirinha Edit] – Tropkillaz
32. VAI (TWERK REMIX) – Viní X Comrade
33. Bate no Bumbo – SSP
34. Rebola – ASShake
35. Can I Have it Like That – Pharell Williams
36. HIDEHO – Tropkillaz
37. DOM DOM DOM – OMULU feat MC Pedrinho
38. Shake – ƱZ x Aazar
39. Rvtchet Bitch (Milo & Otis Remix) – Brillz & Teddy Tuxedo
40. Vem Piranha (Poncho Gonzalez Remix) – Pesadão Tropical
41. Vira a Cara – Leo Justi
Posted on: June 6th, 2014 by Bumps