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Carlos Beat

cp carlos ban


(Hey Funkeiros! Another post from Funk na Caixa’s Renato M2. Remember, English is not his mother tongue. But I’m sure you’ll get his gist. Bumps)


I hate to write something as: this should be the best album of neo funk this year, but I can bet this will be the best or one of the bests.


Carlos Beat is a carioca with just 19 years old. He started in music creating some mixtapes for listen in your bedroom with the musics that he enjoy, it started 4 years ago. With a little more of corage, produce few tracks and released it in a amazing album – and his first album.



There is only 10 tracks and to listen all album you will spend just 18 mins – which can be a problem. But, creating good beats and feelings, this chill trap son of Sango sound, is simple, creative and dinamic. You won’t listen tracks with the same sonority, and at the end, you will want to listen it again.



Let’s see what Carlos will drop on next months.

Posted on: July 15th, 2014 by Renato Martins