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Global Bass Roundup #4


Oye Globalistas. Time for another GBR.


For me, hearing new music is one of the best ways to escape from all the ills in the world just now. And even better is to be able to play new bangers for clubbers. But, still I can’t do that. So sharing the music I find with you the reader, whilst not anywhere near DJing, is better than nothing. And let me tell you, I’ve found some proper bangers for you this week. I wouldn’t usually have a “Tune Of The Week”, but I’m loving M3B8’s new tune “Turn Up Loud” so much, that I have to call it out. I also love Tomcio’s remix of SL2’s “On A Ragga Tip”. Plus check out Matesu “Transparente”. The young Paulista is only 16 years old! But don’t stop there coz’ there’s a barrel full of tasty beats for you to get lost in.


One last thing, you’ve found your way here, which is great, but don’t keep it to yourself. Please share with your buds. Tweet it, facebook it, or what ever your preferred social media is. We need eyes on our posts and you can help, thanks. So enjoy. Beleza!


































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Global Bass Roundup #3



Oye Globalistas!
And welcome back to our (relatively) regular roundup from the world of Global Bass. This edition sees the usual selection of Dancehall, Baile Funk, Moombahton, Afrobeat etc. But I decided to throw a bit of UK Bass in there for ya as well! As I’m sure you know, underground bass music has many roots in the UK, so it’s only logical that some of it should be included in a Global Bass selection. So bun a’ bifta, or whatever tickles your undercarriage and dig in to these woofer wobblers. Beleza…































Well, there you go brothers and sisters. I hoped you found a couple of bangers in there. See you next time x

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New Release – Baby Bumps + New Mixtape – Andrés Digital

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Oye Globalistas!


Welcome back. What with running a label, producing new material, promoting, DJing and having two small children, without the benefits of having a large organization to back me up, certain things fall by the wayside. Our blog has been one of those things. But I’ll try to rectify that. Starting with this post.


Free Release:





A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


A certain young fellow called Bumps (i.e. me) was deeply ensconced in the House music scene. Then he decided he wanted something else and his journey to Global Bass began. House went out the window and Tamborzao took over. But recently, a few House tunes have crept back in and this one seemed appropriate for the Baby Bumps moniker. This tune represents the original essence of what Baby Bumps was all about, Disco Dub. There may be more and as a way of re-introducing the Baby Bumps name we decided to put this one out gratis. Enjoy…



New Mixtape:






Germany’s Andrés Digital smashes it with his Cumbia heavy throwdown in our latest Club Popozuda mixtape. 60 minutes of Global Bass goodness. We asked Andrés to give a bit of blurb in case you aren’t familiar with his work. This is what he sent us:


Andrés Digital is DJ and Producer from Darmstadt, Germany. He is searching the perfect crossover and mixes Cumbia with Reggae, Dancehall, Moombahton, Dembow, Tropical Bass, Trap and more to bring up his own vision of the new Cumbia Sound. Till today he made 10 Albums full of Original Productions, Remixes and Mash-ups. He played Gigs all around Europe, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Estados Unidos. If you want to hear the newest Sounds of the Cumbia Universe, check out his “Monthly Cumbia Round Up” on tropicalbass.com







1 – Berimbau Maluco – Bigote
2 – Indepe 808 – Adgel X Cesarrodrb
3 – Berlin Sucia – Dazed-Dog
4 – Rum and Coke (Andrés Digital MashUp) – Lord Invader
5 – East L.A Cumbia (Cypress Hill Edit) – Sumo Hair
6 – Sueña la Cumbia – DJ Eze ft. Chino Landero
7 – La Danza De La Muerte – Baja Frequencia
8 – Dice la Gente – Erick Jaimez
9 – Digital Mad (Andrés Digital Remix) – Jah Screechy
10 – Se Va – Boogat
11 – Rasterinha Imperial (Basement Freaks Remix) – Borchi
12 – Je ne t aime plus (Lascivio Bohemia Remix) – Manu Chao
13 – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat – Wildcat
14 – Curura (Andrés Digital Remix) – Toto la Momposina
15 – Cumbia del Twerk – Mediopicky
16 – Good Boy – HNRY
17 – La Bamba Rebelde (Degruvme Remix) – Las Cafeteras
18 – Baddest Little Filly – Marcy Chin
19 – Loving Machine (Cocotaxi Remix) – SK Simeon
20 – Barrioteca – Uproot Andy
21 – Porro Bonito – Curt Powell
22 – Cumbia Resistancia (Andrés Digital Remix) – Terretorio Comanche ft. Puloy
23 – Too Original (ADR REMIX) – Major Lazer
24 – MiMiMi – Moombalorange
25 – Colombiana – 3F3XT
26 – Escuchala – Andrés Digital ft Raggabund
27 – La Cumbia de los Sexy Tumblers (Andrés Digital Remix) – Willem Breuker Kollektief
28 – Turn the Lights Off (Andrés Digital Remix) – Schlachthofbronx
29 – Enamorada (Andrés Digital Remix) – Pedrina y Rio
30 – Baila Mi Negra – Andrés Digital

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Dopeness In The House: Symbiz iz Back!



Ahoy DITH fans!


The German bruderschaft that is Symbiz return with their Thursday giveaway feature. This time in association with Soulforce Records. The boys have stuck to their ragga roots on this one, however it’s much more Global Bass than their usual Dubstepish Dancehall flavour, incorporating Twerk vibes and Moombahton beats. I’m looking forward to Thursdays!



Posted on: November 6th, 2014 by Bumps

Dopeness In The House: Relic Secure & Jahdan Blakkamoore

cp booty ban



Let’s get Ragga!


Today’s DITH continues Fuzzy Fotch’s warm-up for the Carnival this weekend. Baylando Records bring you a fierce collab between Relic Secure and Jahdan Blakkamoore, tearing up the Dancehall. They tag it as Vocal Dubstep, but I think it’s straight up Barefoot. Check it out and decide for yourself. Pop pop!!!



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Club Popozuda Mixtape #34 – Fuzzy Fotch

cp 34 Fuzzy Fotch banner


Yes Peeps!


Summer is in the final stretch and that can mean only one thing (if you live in London), Carnival is coming! The two days of the year when a section of the capital goes bananas and takes over the streets the way it should be every weekend. You wouldn’t wanna tidy up after tho’. To get you in the mood we got Bostonian producer and DJ, Fuzzy Fotch to blend up a brew of Global Bass with plenty of Ragga, Moombahton, Soca and much more. If you don’t know the Fuzz, then check out his Soundcloud. So, got a wyne on and blast this one for your neighbors, like I am right now! Boom…








Fuzzy Fotch – En Mi Mente
Pinchers – Bandalero (Empresarios Dublate Mix)
Vybz Kartel – School (Fuzzy Fotch Remix)
El Jans – El Baile Del Tao (King Doudou Reggae Mix)
Busy Signal – Gyal Yuh Good
Moses – Sample
Amplify Dot – I’m Good (feat. Busta Rhymes) (Nutty P Remix)
Frikstailers – Kepler
gold Goons – Limb by Limb (Electric Bodega x DJ Blass Remix)
Beenie Man, Lil John, DJ Snake & Green Lion Crew – Tun Up For What (the Heatwave Refix)
Tropkillaz – Que Passa Amigo
Hedspin x Theory – The Jump Off 2014
FS Green – Chocolaadjes feat. Cassel Elstak
DJ Melo & Danny G – Tu Tambien
Dirty House Bastards – Azumea Blow Your Mind (Neki Stranac Edit)
Buraka Som Sistema – Van Damme
Clap! Clap! – Tambacounda’s White Magic
Tony Quattro – Shiva
Gregor Salto – Azumba
Edgar Aguirre ft Mc Federao e Os Leleques – Ah le le ke (Private Remix 2k14)
Somepoe – Bulletdrops (VIP)
Jubilee – 1-95 (Salva Remix)
Dubbel Dutch – Deepa (Vocal Mix)
Digi – La Banda Dello Zoo Di Formentera
Ta-Ku – Diamond Mouth
Education – Peanut Butter
Lolo Samo – Morenita Linda (M-Bassy Remix)
Aquadrop – Nacho
Matanza – Puya (Schlachthofbronx edit)
Cake Eater – UPDN (Fuzzy Fotch Remix)
Spooky – Code 9 (Wheez-ie Remix)
Digi – Ivory
Jrmndz – Big Booty Woman
Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love (Jeremy Sole Cumbia Dubplate)

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Monkey Biznizz! Leftside

leftside ban


Throw your paws in the air!


I’m always very happy to see a new Leftside tune pop up, coz’ more often than not it’s gonna be good and this release from Jeffree’s (Mad Decent) does not disappoint. With a whole bunch of dope mixes too, I don’t know what you’re doing reading this nonsense, get stuck in! Beleza…



Posted on: July 19th, 2014 by Bumps