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Club Popozuda Mixtape #45: Lee Bass (Gato Preto)


Welcome back Globalistas!


So happy to bring you our brand new mixtape from our good buddy Lee Bass, the DJ and producer who is one half of the great Gato Preto. Lee has put together a selection of his fave tunes at the moment and you can really hear the deep African influence that informs so much of Gato Preto’s style.




Gato  Preto have a new album out on the 24th of March entitled “Tempo” on Unique and you can pre-order it now. Check it out here.


Here’s the mixtape, which is available to download absolutely gratis (bar a re-post). Track list below…






1.    Melodias Rádicas – Blacksea Não Maya
2.    Zourney – JayPross X 2PeKes
3.    Bison & Squareffekt x Photo Romance – G13
4.    Wistfulness – Insane Fennel
5.    Badman – Dengue Dengue Dengue
6.    Tarraxo Suicida – DJ Bebedera
7.    DZC Crew – Txillo
8.    DZC Crew – Tarraxo na Parede
9.    Tchuna Baby – Nigga C & Infinito
10.    Benvindo ft Dj fonx – Mama
11.    Marry Christmas | Feliz Natal – MCM beatz
12.    Pazunto Zulo – Dj Fonx
13.    Dia D (Aero Manyelo Remix) – Gato Preto
14.    Slang – Ckrono & Slesh
15.    Tempo Do Xakazulu – DJ Safari
16.    La Party – DJ Lilocox
17.    Which Crime Mi a Talk – CAЯИИIBAL
18.    Kina – Jurassic FightClub vs Maskarado
19.    Dominations – Dj Dú Marcel Ft Madiba
20.    Ras Trent – CARNNIBAL
21.    Track 1 Jungle Vibes – Unkown
22.    My Crew (SoulForce vs. Symbiz RMX) – VYBZ KARTEL

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ÀTTØØXXÁ, ‘kin great album




Oye Globalistas!

I don’t know about you, but I am terrible at opening emails promoting music. But every now and then something catches my eye. ÀTTØØXXÁ made me have a look, mainly coz I thought “how the fuck do you pronounce that?”. My Brazilian Portuguese is patchy at best, but I like to have a go. I also wanted to know what it meant. Then, what will the music sound like? Then I realised I’d already been playing Viola Viola by them for a while. Well, I’m glad I clicked the link, coz this shizzle is the dizzle! It’s just what Global Bass is all about. Taking a bit of this and a bit of that and incorporating into your own cultural influences. The excellent Kafundó Records kindly sent me some info which I will share with you, I’ll just say that I am loving this. Beleza…


Here’s the skinny:


“Atochar is a slang word used in Rafa Dias’ home town of Paulo Afonso, Bahia to communicate intensity. For example, “Turn that shit up” might translate as “Atocha essa porra aí.”  ÀTTØØXXÁ is fucking fuck or ÀTTØØXXÁ is the fucking shit. Yep, there’s your first lesson in perhaps the 2 most important cuss words in Brazilian Portuguese. Basically, it means that it’s really good. 😉

This music reflects a long history of fusion – from the era of slavery when africans of different ethnic backgrounds were forced to live together, bringing their already divergent cultures together, to much later in the 1980’s, when influences from Caribbean musics helped form new styles like samba-reggae and axé. This evolution continues to this day (claro!) where the global references of electronic music from dubstep, ragga and trap, sound system culture and bass music are folded into the mix.


ÀTTØØXXÁ é Foda, Porra!”



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Hat+Hoodie “More Fyah EP” – Free Release!



Yes new release time Globalistas.


And this one’s gratis, nada, free! Global Bass don, Hat+Hoodie, hits us full in the face with this collection of Ragga Fyah! Three tracks that will make your bass-bins flap and your Jeeps rumble like an earthquake, so take care. This will be the final outing for the H+H name, as it is being retired in favor of his new moniker, DJ Xano.


Also check out the video as well, it’s fab.




You can also exclusively download a higher quality WAV version RIGHT HERE.



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CP Unreleased: Bumps feat. MC Gi – Berimbau

Gi Banner


Oi Globalistas.


And here we go with our latest release, Berimbau, by myself (Bumps) and my buddy MC Gi over in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Actually, this was originally due to be released ages ago, but as is often the case with music, there were complications which lead to delays and then the shelf. But don’t despair! Coz’ here it is with a bunch of top-notch remixers doing their thing too. DJ Comrade of Xao Productions drops a Montagem vibe, whilst Germany’s Symbiz tear it apart with their post-Dubstep slant. Then you’ve got a dash of EDM darkness from Illexxandra and The Word (formerly Tigorilla) bringing up the rear with his House stomper. The release is on promo and available on Soundcloud for a limited period. Then it will available from all your fave digital music retailers.


Be sure to check out the crazy video created by the one and only El Malito. Beleza.





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Monkey Biznizz! Leftside

leftside ban


Throw your paws in the air!


I’m always very happy to see a new Leftside tune pop up, coz’ more often than not it’s gonna be good and this release from Jeffree’s (Mad Decent) does not disappoint. With a whole bunch of dope mixes too, I don’t know what you’re doing reading this nonsense, get stuck in! Beleza…



Posted on: July 19th, 2014 by Bumps

Dopeness In The House: Starkey & Dev 79 “MIR Handstand”

dev ban


Let’s drop some heavyweight DITH!


A taster of the Philly duo’s forthcoming comp “Street Bass Anthems Vol.7”, this track kicks bare ass. Deep, dark and brassy, it’s gonna make your gusset tremble! They call it Street Bass, I call it dope…



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Heartbreak, Simon Sayz & Feral is Kinky. Nuff Remixes!

youts ban


Yes Peeps! More remixes than you shake a stick at.


You got your Jonny Kwest, your Phat Duece, your Jesse Slayter, the list goes on and on! 11 remixes in total. I reckon they’ve got the bases covered. With a vocal from CP buddy Feral is Kinky, who just so happens to be DJ’ing at our party Bottom Heavy at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch this Saturday night. So come check her out on the decks. For more details check out the event here



Posted on: May 23rd, 2014 by Bumps