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Global Bass Roundup #4


Oye Globalistas. Time for another GBR.


For me, hearing new music is one of the best ways to escape from all the ills in the world just now. And even better is to be able to play new bangers for clubbers. But, still I can’t do that. So sharing the music I find with you the reader, whilst not anywhere near DJing, is better than nothing. And let me tell you, I’ve found some proper bangers for you this week. I wouldn’t usually have a “Tune Of The Week”, but I’m loving M3B8’s new tune “Turn Up Loud” so much, that I have to call it out. I also love Tomcio’s remix of SL2’s “On A Ragga Tip”. Plus check out Matesu “Transparente”. The young Paulista is only 16 years old! But don’t stop there coz’ there’s a barrel full of tasty beats for you to get lost in.


One last thing, you’ve found your way here, which is great, but don’t keep it to yourself. Please share with your buds. Tweet it, facebook it, or what ever your preferred social media is. We need eyes on our posts and you can help, thanks. So enjoy. Beleza!


































Posted on: May 17th, 2021 by Bumps

Club Popozuda Mixtape #36: Golden Kong

cp 36 Golden Kong banner


Oi Globalistas!


Our growing collection of mixtapes from our fave Global Bass DJs from around the world continues with Paulista, Golden Kong. For a while in Brazil, music has been quite an insular affair, with most music being heard being native to Brazil. So where everybody else has assimilated Brazilian underground bass music, the traffic was generally one way. But in the last year or so we’ve seen a raft of young producers really embracing the idea of Global Bass. These include Asshake, Dorly, Leo Justi and today’s mixtape provider, Golden Kong. As always, we asked GK to tell us a little about himself and this is what he said:


Golden Kong is the codename of Fernando Simões, half of EDM duo, Arcade Fighters, he comes with a new ideal of blending many styles of electronic music. 
His productions and sets show the inspiration obtained from various parts of the world, with a lot of bass and broken beats infecting everyone with the swing of their sound.












1-    MC Romântico – As novinha Tão Sensacional (João Brasil Remix)

2-    MC TH – Vem Ferver Fervendo [ Dj Rd Da Nh E André Bpm ] Trapfunk

3-    Golden Kong feat. MC Gus – Não Para Continua

4-    ASAP Ferg feat. ASAP Rocky – Shabba (Dj Rell Remix)

5-    Berou & Canblaster – Kapongo Dance (DJ TRAY Remix)

6-    Chuck Upbeat – Baile Latino

7-    Bert On Beats – Arriba

8-    Leo Justi – O Homem Mau (Sniper Queen)

9-    Jurassic Fight Club – To Com Saudade (Feat. MC Maiquinho)

10- VFRO feat. Jhoabeat – Brinca (Mark Martins Remix)

11- Major Lazer Ft. Pharrell – Aerosol Can (Milangeles rmx)

12- Lars Warn – Outworld

13- Gato Preto feat. MC ZULU – Musica Di Gato Preto (KiT Remix)

14- M.I.A – Bring The Noize

15- Step One – Turn up the Bassline

16- Disclosure – Latch (Dj Rell Remix)

17- Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Golden Kong Remix)

18- DJ Sliink x TWRK x Green Lantern – Trifecta (If You Don’t)

19- Diamond Bass – BOMBOM

20- Boomistics & Rio Valente – Pull The Alarm (Original Mix)

21- Golden Kong – Cheiro de Piranha

22- DJ Rogério – Montagem Baforo Tranzo

23- MC Pedrinho, MC Magrinho e MC VN – La La La

Posted on: October 20th, 2014 by Bumps

Braza news

capa CP


I’m starting a new label called Braza, to release material from Brazil. I’m from São Paulo, and for a long time, I just listened eletronic music from producers between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo….and man, Brazil is Huge! The fifth biggest country inteire world, and just 2 states produce eletronic music? Damn.


Thinking on that, Braza want to show the new face of producers and new sounds along Brazil. The last 3 releases, BRZ003 – sounds of Bahia, BRZ004 – a new to do baile funk in São Paulo and BRZ005 – remixes to a produce from Rio Grande do Sul, and for other states, the mix of sonority is bigger than you can imaginate. In Bahia, we found Bahia Bass with help of Mauro Telefunksoul. This  new sound from bahia mixed eletronic trends with the beautiful bahia culture. To help you understand, Mauro record a excelent mixtape showing all this style, lets see:


Bahia Bass



The album bahia bass came with 8 original tracks, showing 8 great producers from bahia and 8 free downloads (whoa). To help, here is the amazing mixtape from Mauro Telefunksoul. You can understand more about bahia bass there, and just there.


There is also the second part of album, here:



Golden Kong



Golden Kong is a producer paulista, that uses the elements of baile funk to create a new line of neo funk. The producer don’t use tamborzão and voltmix to create this baile funk, he like to use a little of beatbox and create new beats, turning the dancer neo baile funk in to a wounder sound. Grab it here and for free:


Vem Piranha Remixes



In our last release, 5 remixes from single Vem Piranha. The trio Pesadão Tropical will complete their first birthday and with that,new produces will come. So, to antecipate it, few remixes for you!


Stay with us and learn more about brazilian eletronic music. We are Braza, and we are at facebook, bandcamp and soundcloud!


Posted on: July 31st, 2014 by Renato Martins