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Things That Make You Go Oof!

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Oye Globalistas.


Back once again with this weeks selection of Global Bass nastiness that made us go “oof!”. Oof selections are from the darker, nastier, intense side of Global Bass, so listen at your own risk compadré and mind ya bass bins. Beleza…


Let’s kick off with some Ragga biznizz:




Bangin’ ‘Arse Music:




Be afraid:




Heavy Moombah:




Baile Funk forever:




Rio on Fyah:




Meanwhile, In Da Club:




And finally. An insane bundle of WAVS/MP3s, from Thunderbird Juicebox:



Posted on: March 18th, 2016 by Bumps

Oof! Selection Resurrection.

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Oye Globalistas.


It’s been a long minute since I last posted a Soundcloud selector, so here for you are some bangers that made me go “oof!”. Yes it is a lil’ Brazilacentric, but you’re gonna find a bit of trap, bit of laid back African vibe and a Moombahton tune from myself that dropped just last week. So here we go…


First up, let’s deal with the Funk:





















Posted on: March 7th, 2016 by Bumps

Club Popozuda Mixtape #39 (Luny P)

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G’day Globalistas.


Let’s head down under and throw a few mp3s on the barby! Luny P joins the Club Popozuda family and throws down this sick selection of Baile Funk and Jersey Club inspired Global Bass. Luny’s well known in Australia as a peak-time platter spinner, bringing his Ghetto heavy bass sound to many happy punters. Luny plans to do the same for Europe’s clubbers this summer, so look out for that. Full tracklist below. Beleza…






01 – B – Sango – Ta Preocupado ComIgo (LUNY P Baile Edit)
02 – Mekon Feat Roxanne – Yes Yes Ya’ll (Sinden Baile Funk Remix)
03 – Africa Bambatta & Mr. Catra – Sente A Vibe Do Rio (Original Mix)
04 – Gaiola Das Popozudas – O Darcy (Original Mix)
05 – Sem Calcinha – Gaiola das Popozudas
06 – EDU K – Sex-O-Matic (Bonde Do Role Mix)
07 – Lil Jon ft Murther File & Mr Catra – Machuka (Original Mix)
08 – Bumps feat. MC Gi – Berimbau (Comrade Da Xao Remix)
09 – Major Lazer – Come On To Me (Rocky Wellstack Remix)
10 – Splurt – #OMW@SYG (Siggity Swooty) [LUNY P HEAVY BAILE REMIX]
11 – DJ Fresh VS D!PLO – Earthquake (LUNY P “I SEE YOU” Remix)
12 – Miguel X Jonny Ice – Do You Like (HEAVY BAILE Edit)
13- DJ Sliink – Put Ya Volta Para ele (LUNY P HEAVY BAILE Mix)
14 – Obseen X ASE MANUAL – Renegade Master (Original Mix)
15 – The Chemical Brothers – This Is Not A Game [LUNY P JERSEY CLUB Remix]
16 – Major Lazer X DJ Snake – Lean On (Ostblockschlampen Remix)
17 – Big Sean – ASS (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
18 – Alo Wala – Timbuktu ft The Clerk (Swick & Lewis CanCut Remix)
19 – Armand Van Helden – You Don’t know Me (LUNY P HEATER EDIT)
20 – Bonus – Laugh track hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Posted on: March 23rd, 2015 by Bumps

Speedy Beats Megapost: Let’s go!




Faster than an overstretched blog poster!


Speedy beats are back for another race against tempo. Behold our hypersonic selection from Juke to Jersey Club and Nu Jungle. Not exactly an A to Z, but you get the jist. Unfortunately, Soundcloud might not be running as fast as these beats, as it seems to deteriorate in the usability department every day. But persevere, coz it’s all definitely there! On your marks, get set, goooo….



































Posted on: February 4th, 2015 by Bumps

Heartbreak, Simon Sayz & Feral is Kinky. Nuff Remixes!

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Yes Peeps! More remixes than you shake a stick at.


You got your Jonny Kwest, your Phat Duece, your Jesse Slayter, the list goes on and on! 11 remixes in total. I reckon they’ve got the bases covered. With a vocal from CP buddy Feral is Kinky, who just so happens to be DJ’ing at our party Bottom Heavy at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch this Saturday night. So come check her out on the decks. For more details check out the event here



Posted on: May 23rd, 2014 by Bumps