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Global Bass Roundup #3



Oye Globalistas!
And welcome back to our (relatively) regular roundup from the world of Global Bass. This edition sees the usual selection of Dancehall, Baile Funk, Moombahton, Afrobeat etc. But I decided to throw a bit of UK Bass in there for ya as well! As I’m sure you know, underground bass music has many roots in the UK, so it’s only logical that some of it should be included in a Global Bass selection. So bun a’ bifta, or whatever tickles your undercarriage and dig in to these woofer wobblers. Beleza…































Well, there you go brothers and sisters. I hoped you found a couple of bangers in there. See you next time x

Posted on: April 28th, 2021 by Bumps

It’s The New Latino Groove! Mamba.



Latin meets Post-Punk!


I’m loving this completely free EP! For the most part, as is the case with most non-English language songs, I have little to no idea what’s being said, but I like the way it’s being said! What I do know is that Mamba are from Argentina and this is what their label, Le Ronca had to say (in Spanish, translated by Google, so who knows?):


Argentina has always been the spearhead when dialing artistic trends in Latin America and now, in the same way, with high creative ability and overwhelming talent, gives birth to Mamba, new sound system project global and tropical bass, produced by our genius friend Reptilian Commander and versatile voices in Pa Pe.

Love is visceral energy for months been building these two producers. For one Pe Pa, full of poetry and interior art, write lyrics with a myriad of emotions, feelings and experiences real and palpable become sensual, psychedelic and surreal to take them to the field of dance. Reptilian Commander gives body and life to this letter with its well-known futurist aesthetics and technicality: dembow, moombahton, zouk, trap, dubstep Argentine folklore and even a track that leads to a subtly alien chacarera plane.

Pe Pa, who is also an artist, designed the cover art with a girl sexy and uninhibited. Maybe up to be Mamba, an alter ego without mincing words, such as conciliatory lover wild, as we really all.

For us in Le Ronca Records is honored to be part of this new generation of Latin American sound system of electronic music and we are also pleased greatly, seeing that women who are now become the frontman of the resurgence of this format.


Posted on: July 2nd, 2014 by Bumps

Tropikore – Chevere Cambur



Welcome back Globalistas.


Venezuela’s excellent El Flying Monkey Records brings you yet another dope release, this time from Tropikore, with their sick Moombahton banger, Chevere Cambur. Remixes by El $abor, Toro! and Dart Zero 75. And the whole lot is free to download! Beleza…



Posted on: June 27th, 2014 by Bumps