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The Doctor Will See You Now!


Yes folks, we are back!


It’s been a hot minute since our last release, or even a post here on the website. There are all sort of reasons for this that I won’t bore you with. But we’re gonna try real hard to fix up that situation. So, if somehow you find yourself reading this, then check back soon for more content!


Now, on to the actual release:




Back in 2009 myself and my buddy Andy Amfo aka “Suicide Dogz” heard a dope track by Canadian producer Poirier featuring MC Zulu on the mic. We decided to contact Zulu and ask if he would be interested in making a track with us. He did, we made “Carnival Madness” and I’ve been collaborating with him ever since. Then a couple of years later I also became a collaborator with Loki Da Trixta and we’ve had quite a few releases together now. Now for the first time I’ve managed to bring them together on a track. No mean feat as One lives in Chicago, one lives between New York and Mexico and I live in London. But here it is:
“Waistline Therapy” is a satirical tale of sexual politics with Loki playing the role of a lothario and Zulu setting him straight with some wise words. I can assure you that Loki is in reality a thoroughly decent man and would never denigrate women.
With remixes from Ckrono, Nino Francois and myself, “Waistline Therapy” will hopefully amuse you and rock your dance floor.


Cheers, Bumps x


And if you haven’t heard it yet, also check out my tune with Feral Is Kinky “Glass House”:



Posted on: February 9th, 2023 by Bumps

Chomba Boom: New Single

Oye Globalistas!


Our good buddies, Chomba Boom have a new EP out called “Mestizo”. I asked them to deal up the skinny on the release, and here’s what they had to say:


Multinational duo Chomba Boom are back with a new song and EP entitled “Mestizo”. The lead single features an appearance from Hip Hop visionary Homeboy Sandman, well known for his unorthodox flow and thoughtful lyrics.
The song has a catchy tropical disco vibe and is sure to be stuck in many heads, no matter what language you speak. There are also three distinct remixes and an instrumental version to round out the EP. The first remix comes from New York city veteran DJ and producer Cousin Cole. First known for his Baltimore Club and later Moombahton and Disco productions, in this case he has contributed a 90s ‘Hip-House’ remix with a swing reminiscent of Salt-n-Pepa or HeavyD. The Chombas also decided to remix themselves; Loki, using his daTrixta moniker, and Richi as his Yoyoyo solo project. The daTrixta remix is a spacey Cumbia and Yoyoyo remix is an experimental electronic proto-house version.
Written in response to the demonization of immigrants, Latinxs in particular, the song is a celebration of all things Latin American, at the same time encouraging people of all backgrounds to come and boogie with Chomba Boom. This is the last single and remix release from the guys before dropping their debut full length album with their label Apapachame later this year.



Chomba Boom · Mestizo


Posted on: May 24th, 2021 by Bumps

Posted on: February 22nd, 2019 by Bumps

New Release: Loki Da Trixta & Bumps – K Beleza

Loki ban

Que beleza baby!


Hot on the heels of “Berimbau” comes another offering from me, this time a Rasterinha inspired ditty with my good buddy, Brooklynite Loki Da Trixta. “K Beleza” is all about our love of Brazil, it’s people and culture and Loki filmed the video on location in São Paulo.
We’ve got a nice selection of remixers to keep you happy too including: João Brasil, Fuzzy Fotch, Pizza Pizza, El $abor and Arena. A real mix up of styles from Old Skool House to Jungle.
The mixes will be on limited promo download for a short period, so hurry, or else it’ll be on all your fave digital outlets. Beleza…





Posted on: March 19th, 2015 by Bumps

Loki Da Trixta- Brazil on Smash





There is a brand new EP from the world trotter Loki da Trixta, this time heating things up for the Football world cup!!


The opening track, is Hino do Neymar.. TROPICAL GOLAZO!!!!!



On Marie e Dope. We find a perfect balance between trap and Brazilian soul!



The whole EP is set for FREE DOWNLOAD, and there are 5 bangers!!

Grab it below!


Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by Alberto Caballero