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ÀTTØØXXÁ, ‘kin great album




Oye Globalistas!

I don’t know about you, but I am terrible at opening emails promoting music. But every now and then something catches my eye. ÀTTØØXXÁ made me have a look, mainly coz I thought “how the fuck do you pronounce that?”. My Brazilian Portuguese is patchy at best, but I like to have a go. I also wanted to know what it meant. Then, what will the music sound like? Then I realised I’d already been playing Viola Viola by them for a while. Well, I’m glad I clicked the link, coz this shizzle is the dizzle! It’s just what Global Bass is all about. Taking a bit of this and a bit of that and incorporating into your own cultural influences. The excellent Kafundó Records kindly sent me some info which I will share with you, I’ll just say that I am loving this. Beleza…


Here’s the skinny:


“Atochar is a slang word used in Rafa Dias’ home town of Paulo Afonso, Bahia to communicate intensity. For example, “Turn that shit up” might translate as “Atocha essa porra aí.”  ÀTTØØXXÁ is fucking fuck or ÀTTØØXXÁ is the fucking shit. Yep, there’s your first lesson in perhaps the 2 most important cuss words in Brazilian Portuguese. Basically, it means that it’s really good. 😉

This music reflects a long history of fusion – from the era of slavery when africans of different ethnic backgrounds were forced to live together, bringing their already divergent cultures together, to much later in the 1980’s, when influences from Caribbean musics helped form new styles like samba-reggae and axé. This evolution continues to this day (claro!) where the global references of electronic music from dubstep, ragga and trap, sound system culture and bass music are folded into the mix.


ÀTTØØXXÁ é Foda, Porra!”



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Club Popozuda Mixtape #38: Mauro Telefunksoul

Mauro CP mix 38 banner


Oi Globalistas!


It’s been a while since our last mixtape, but pine no more, coz’ we’ve sorted you right out with this dope exclusive tape from one of our fave Brazilian DJ/Producers, Mauro Telefunksoul.


Mauro has been spinning beats for over twenty years all over Brazil, spreading his Bahia Bass flavors, as well as turning out some hot tunes to boot. He is one of Bahia Bass’ primary movers. This tape reflects Mauro’s love of all things bass. The selection includes Favela Trap, Bahia Bass, Rasterinha as well as a few other forms of Global Bass. Tracklist Below. Beleza…






01 DJ werson_sistema bruto
02 Attooxx·, Omulu & Mauro Telefunksoul_Abre
03 Mauro Telefunksoul Ft Jimmy Luv- Black Pow(dj Tide remix)(IlÍ AiyÍ)
04 Dj Werson – Rasteirada
05 Mauro Telefunksoul- Aja-YÙ (Filhos de Gandhy)
06 Attooxxa— EE‹ FFUii
07 Unknow- Ta desmaiada!!!!!
08 Buju Banton- Champion(Maga Bo Edit)
09 BeyoncÈ vs Olodum _Sing Olodum Ladies (dj kairo edit)
10 Flying Buff & Mauro Telefunksoul- Desce Desce
11 Lord Breu- Downtow freak
12 Lord Breu- O Ritmo
13 Mauro Telefunksoul- AjÈumba$$ (Cortejo Afro)
14 Sugar crush- Shake dat Baile
15 Flying Buff- Prepara e vai
16 Som Peba-Saborosa
17 Attooxxa- ENKK00NTREEII
18 Alle-x _ Sweet Pagodeira Dreams ft Igor Kann·rio
19 Mauro Telefunksoul_Guerrillas Trap (Muzenza)
20 Mauro Telefunksoul & Rafa Dias- BIRDKILLA
21 Dj Werson- Sapohha
22 Jo„o Brasil FT MC Sabar· – Pai Amor
23 Dj Werson- Malokaaaaaa
24 Mc Brinquedo- RoÁa RoÁa (Flying Buff festival Trap Remix)
25 Mauro Telefunksoul- Oh Lord!! (Olodum)

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Braza news

capa CP


I’m starting a new label called Braza, to release material from Brazil. I’m from São Paulo, and for a long time, I just listened eletronic music from producers between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo….and man, Brazil is Huge! The fifth biggest country inteire world, and just 2 states produce eletronic music? Damn.


Thinking on that, Braza want to show the new face of producers and new sounds along Brazil. The last 3 releases, BRZ003 – sounds of Bahia, BRZ004 – a new to do baile funk in São Paulo and BRZ005 – remixes to a produce from Rio Grande do Sul, and for other states, the mix of sonority is bigger than you can imaginate. In Bahia, we found Bahia Bass with help of Mauro Telefunksoul. This  new sound from bahia mixed eletronic trends with the beautiful bahia culture. To help you understand, Mauro record a excelent mixtape showing all this style, lets see:


Bahia Bass



The album bahia bass came with 8 original tracks, showing 8 great producers from bahia and 8 free downloads (whoa). To help, here is the amazing mixtape from Mauro Telefunksoul. You can understand more about bahia bass there, and just there.


There is also the second part of album, here:



Golden Kong



Golden Kong is a producer paulista, that uses the elements of baile funk to create a new line of neo funk. The producer don’t use tamborzão and voltmix to create this baile funk, he like to use a little of beatbox and create new beats, turning the dancer neo baile funk in to a wounder sound. Grab it here and for free:


Vem Piranha Remixes



In our last release, 5 remixes from single Vem Piranha. The trio Pesadão Tropical will complete their first birthday and with that,new produces will come. So, to antecipate it, few remixes for you!


Stay with us and learn more about brazilian eletronic music. We are Braza, and we are at facebook, bandcamp and soundcloud!


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A little more from Bahia Bass



(Yes Globalistas! A new voice. Say hello to Renato M2 of Funk Na Caixa in Sao Paulo. Bumps out)…



I love electronic music and I love Brazilian culture. When I started DJing there were a few styles with Brazilian culture on eletronic beats, Neo Funk (Neo Baile) was my favorite, so I went that way and I’m still loving it. But, for the past couple of years, more Brazilian ghetto music has started to grow and show it’s face. Bahia Bass is one of those, and it’s getting to be my other love (like a second son). So, here are few tracks that I’m enjoying right now:











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