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One Eye On The Future!

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Greetings from the all seeing eye.


Let’s jump into our time machines again to visit the era of Future Bass. How they do it, I don’t know. Creating tunes in the future that they release in the here and now! Mind boggling. Anyway, enough with the shenanigans, let’s get loaded up on some fresh Future beats. Stand by for offerings from the usual suspects, including: Troyboi. Flosstradamus, Just A Gent, the mighty Seventh Wonder and a few other wannabee Nostradami. Cross my palm with silver, let’s go…



Let’s start with a bit of Willy Wonka…















And from the darker end of the pool:



Posted on: March 11th, 2015 by Bumps

Valentines Beats: StarRo

cp valentine



Let’s get smooshy!


Sure, it’s a little smoova than our usual fare, but it’s valentines! And you couldn’t go wrong having a tidy up, dimming the lights, opening a bottle of spesh to let it breath and popping this slick EP from LA’s starRo on your stereogram. I guarantee your intended will be wooed by track 5 and by track 7…




Posted on: February 14th, 2015 by Bumps