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Posted on: November 11th, 2015 by Bumps

Club Popozuda Mixtape #40 – Bumps

cp mixtape 40 bumps banner


Oi Globalistas!


And so we reach number 40 in our mixtape collection! So I thought I’d leap on the decks and smash out a mixtape myself, while we wait for delivery of our next tape from the mighty Milangeles! If you know my tapes, you’ll know you’re gonna get the full range of Global Bass choiceness, with a wee Baile Funk medley at the end coz’ you gotta drop the Funk! So download it, rave to it and share it. Tracklist below. Beleza…






1.     Rangutan – Poté
2.     Back It Up – Krueger
3.     Bloko Bloko (Gucci Boo Mix) – Aquqdrop feat. Rayna
4.     My Head – Hostage
5.     Senta na Vara – DJ R7
6.     Baiana (Clerk and Milangeles Mix) – Barbatuques
7.     Cock And Bull – Jet Airess
8.     BuddyBye (Symbiz Remix) – Johnny Osbourne
9.     Badman Dream – Yung Felix feat. Tellem
10.    ChaCha – Soniye
11.    God On The Dancefloor – Yheti And Spankalicious
12.    Vem Mulher (MC Gato) – Alex DJ MPC
13.    Mosquito Tic – MC Créu vs DJ Sandrinho
14.    Bang! – Hat+Hoodie
15.    Tamara (Ghetto Vanessa Mix) – S. Oberschmidt
16.    Gimme Di Weed – Rawtek feat. Jigsy King
17.    Revobeat – DJ Kappa Jota
18.    Are You That Somebody – Brasstracks
19.    Midnight Zenith – Khamsin
20.    Back a’ Yard Riddim – Carib
21.    K Beleza (Pizza Pizza Mix) – Loki Da Trixta and Bumps
22.    Gonna Do (Fuzzy Fotch Mix) – I Octane
23.    Vem no Balancinho – MC Juninho da VD
24.    Grave Bate – MC 2K
25.    Bang Bang (MC Gato) – Alex DJ MPC
26.    Hit Diferente – DJ R7

Posted on: May 2nd, 2015 by Bumps

New Release: Loki Da Trixta & Bumps – K Beleza

Loki ban

Que beleza baby!


Hot on the heels of “Berimbau” comes another offering from me, this time a Rasterinha inspired ditty with my good buddy, Brooklynite Loki Da Trixta. “K Beleza” is all about our love of Brazil, it’s people and culture and Loki filmed the video on location in São Paulo.
We’ve got a nice selection of remixers to keep you happy too including: João Brasil, Fuzzy Fotch, Pizza Pizza, El $abor and Arena. A real mix up of styles from Old Skool House to Jungle.
The mixes will be on limited promo download for a short period, so hurry, or else it’ll be on all your fave digital outlets. Beleza…





Posted on: March 19th, 2015 by Bumps

Club Popozuda Mixtape #38: Mauro Telefunksoul

Mauro CP mix 38 banner


Oi Globalistas!


It’s been a while since our last mixtape, but pine no more, coz’ we’ve sorted you right out with this dope exclusive tape from one of our fave Brazilian DJ/Producers, Mauro Telefunksoul.


Mauro has been spinning beats for over twenty years all over Brazil, spreading his Bahia Bass flavors, as well as turning out some hot tunes to boot. He is one of Bahia Bass’ primary movers. This tape reflects Mauro’s love of all things bass. The selection includes Favela Trap, Bahia Bass, Rasterinha as well as a few other forms of Global Bass. Tracklist Below. Beleza…






01 DJ werson_sistema bruto
02 Attooxx·, Omulu & Mauro Telefunksoul_Abre
03 Mauro Telefunksoul Ft Jimmy Luv- Black Pow(dj Tide remix)(IlÍ AiyÍ)
04 Dj Werson – Rasteirada
05 Mauro Telefunksoul- Aja-YÙ (Filhos de Gandhy)
06 Attooxxa— EE‹ FFUii
07 Unknow- Ta desmaiada!!!!!
08 Buju Banton- Champion(Maga Bo Edit)
09 BeyoncÈ vs Olodum _Sing Olodum Ladies (dj kairo edit)
10 Flying Buff & Mauro Telefunksoul- Desce Desce
11 Lord Breu- Downtow freak
12 Lord Breu- O Ritmo
13 Mauro Telefunksoul- AjÈumba$$ (Cortejo Afro)
14 Sugar crush- Shake dat Baile
15 Flying Buff- Prepara e vai
16 Som Peba-Saborosa
17 Attooxxa- ENKK00NTREEII
18 Alle-x _ Sweet Pagodeira Dreams ft Igor Kann·rio
19 Mauro Telefunksoul_Guerrillas Trap (Muzenza)
20 Mauro Telefunksoul & Rafa Dias- BIRDKILLA
21 Dj Werson- Sapohha
22 Jo„o Brasil FT MC Sabar· – Pai Amor
23 Dj Werson- Malokaaaaaa
24 Mc Brinquedo- RoÁa RoÁa (Flying Buff festival Trap Remix)
25 Mauro Telefunksoul- Oh Lord!! (Olodum)

Posted on: March 9th, 2015 by Bumps

DJ Sandrinho: Don’t Forget Rasterinha!



Oi Globalistas!


Today I give you three Rasterinha bangers from one of Rio’s original Baile Funk Masters, DJ Sandrinho. Personally, I really want to hear much more Rasterinha this year, coz I love it! Beleza…







Posted on: January 30th, 2015 by Bumps


r7 nh ban


Battle of the beats from Brazil!


Ok, if you follow us and Baile Funk, you probably would have downloaded a few tunes from these guys. On one side we have Deejay R7, who I can’t tell you too much about, except he’s Brazilian and mega-prolific. The guy’s got 8 soundcloud accounts full of tunes! The output seems to be non-stop. Then on the other side we have DJ RD Da Nova (DJ RD DA NH), a really hard string of letters to remember. We know a little more about him, he’s lives in Rio, but originally was from Bahia and he claims to be the inventor of Rasterinha! I can neither confirm or deny this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he did because like R7, he has a crazy high output and most of it is quality. So, here are two tunes from each of them that they’ve posted in the past 24 hours. Like most of their stuff, you can download it free. Who wins? You decide…


First up Deejay R7…





And now Deejay RD Da Nova…





Posted on: June 20th, 2014 by Bumps

Dopeness In The House: Lucio K

lucio ban




Yes DITH fans, check out this Rasterinha banger from Oakland’s (US) Lucio K. This shizzle drops hard!



Posted on: June 6th, 2014 by Bumps

Videorama: MC Maromba

johnny banner


My Name Isn’t Johnny!


Following on from the release of Rasterinha Vol. 2, comes the first video from the compilation and it’s none other than the hilarious MC Maromba with his massive tune “My Name Isn’t Johnny”. Which, unusually for a tune outta the favela, is sang in English! So for all you non-Portuguese speakers out there (I have to admit to only a kindergarten level myself) you are invited to join Maromba’s party and why wouldn’t you want to? Gostoso!



Posted on: May 18th, 2014 by Bumps

Out Now! Rasterinha Vol. 2

ras 2 banner


The wait is over !


Hot on the heels of the release in March of Rasterinha Vol. 1, comes the imaginatively titled Rasterinha Vol. 2! Funk na Caixa bring you their second installment of this genre defining series. This time, besides myself and Guto Almeida, there are a host of new producers presenting their take on this ever expanding sound, including The Netherlands’ Godwonder and the Original Baile Funk Master himself, Rio’s DJ Edgar. The whole EP is free to download, so what are you reading this drivel for? Beleza…



Posted on: May 17th, 2014 by Bumps

Time To Asshake!

assshake banner


Rasterinha in the house!


We know you love it and to keep you going ’til Rasterinha EP Volume 2 drops, here is a ‘lil Asshake from Chico Dub’s album, Hy Brazil Vol.4. You can check out and download the whole album here:



Posted on: May 12th, 2014 by Bumps